XI'an Sita Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2009,registered capital of 10000000 RMB.

We have 2 tons Vacuum arc meting furnace,2000 Tons Oil hydraulic press,and large scale rolling mill and CNC machines,can produce titanium and titanium alloy products 3000 Tons per year,our main products are titanium plates, titanium bars,titanium tubes,titanium wires,special-shaped forgings, standard parts(Titanium screws)and tungsten, molybdenum, zirconium, Niobium, Nickel, Tantalum, Hafnium and other rare metal products.

Our company has a strong technical research and development team,has more than 10 senior engineers,5 management experts,more than 50 technician and quality professionals.

We have complete production and management system.from the new product design, research and development, to melting, forging, rolling, machine, product finishing, physical and chemical inspection analysis, non-destructive testing, measurement control and other complete, systematic rare metal processing production, scientific research system.

The 3000 tons free forging oil press is the first advanced equipment developed and manufactured by our company, scientific research institutions and machine factory according to the processing characteristics of titanium alloy on the market. 20 tons of titanium ingots can be forged at one time.

Titanium production machine

titanium equipment

Our company with ISO9001 certification.All production equipment,physical and chemical testing equipment are excellent and reliable, mature and advanced technology, and product quality is qualified and stable. Fully meet the GB/T, GJB , ISO , HB , ASTM , AMS, MIL, Γ OC Γ (Russian standard), JIS,DIN and other standards and the demand for titanium in aviation, aerospace, navigation, military, medical, chemical and other industries and the international market.

Our company with the import and export right,the products are exported to the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan and other developed countries.

Our excellent quality and reputation obtain many customers highly praised,and we will continue to insist on Quality first,Service first.,and do best for all the customers,welcome to contact us for any inquiry.


XI'an Sita

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