Application and characteristics of Grade 5 Ti6Al4V titanium rod

- Aug 26, 2019-

Application and characteristics of Grade 5 Ti6Al4V titanium rod


1. Gr5 titanium rod (ti-6a1-4v) belongs to a + β alloy with large usage.

2. Gr5 Ti6Al4Vtitanium rod has good process performance. Its conventional thermal deformation is carried out in the two-phase region, and the deformation amount must be more than 50% to transform the coarse original weihterite structure into isometric structure.

3, Gr5 Ti6Al4V titanium bar after deformation processing, according to different needs, can use stress annealing , common annealing (700 -SAO ℃ heat preservation, air cooling), recrystallization annealing (940℃ heat preservation furnace cooling to 480℃ air cooling) and double annealing (940℃ heat preservation air cooling +700℃ heat preservation air cooling) heat treatment process.The microstructure obtained by stress relieving annealing and ordinary annealing is non-recrystallization or partial recrystallization with high strength.After recrystallization annealing the isometric axes are obtained. a + intercrystalline structure, good plasticity; After double annealing  to get a + β organization , close to the binary organization form, has good comprehensive performance (Qb about 900 an 1000 mpa, ¢for 10%, ψ about 35% ~45%).

4. Gr5 Ti6Al4V titanium rod can be strengthened by 20% to 30% by heat treatment.It is generally believed that aging at 850℃- 950℃can obtain the proper amount of primary  a  microstructure and better comprehensive properties.Gr5,Ti6Al4Valloy has a poor quenching permeability, and the cross section of parts with enhanced heat treatment is generally no more than 40 mm.

5. Gr5 Ti6Al4V alloy has good weld ability, and the temperature of the weld zone is not lower than 90% of the matrix;The plasticity is also similar to that of tsuen metal.

6, Gr5 Ti6Al4V alloy corrosion resistance close to pure titanium, can work for a long time below 400℃, short time :L temperature can reach 700℃ to 750℃ when the content of oxygen and nitrogen in the alloy at a low level, TC4EL,1 alloy can also maintain a good plasticity at I 96℃, can be used to make low temperature and high pressure vessels.