Application of Grade 5 titanium bar

- Aug 08, 2019-

Application of Grade 5 titanium bar, Grade5 Titanium forging, grade 5 titanium plate in automobile industry.

The application of titanium alloy in automobile began in 1950s.However, due to technical and price , the application of titanium alloy material in the automotive industry has not formed, with the improvement of automotive energy conservation and environmental protection standards at recently, it is gradually attention by the international material and automotive industry. 

Grade 5 titanium bar,Grade 5 titanium forging,Grade 5 titanium plate has many excellent properties, is the preferred material for many auto parts, its main advantages and applications are as follows:

1. The density of 4.51KG/CM cubed is only 60% of the steel density, which can not only reduce the quality of the whole vehicle, but also reduce the inertia of high-speed moving parts.

2. High strength, tensile strength ≥895MPA, yield strength ≥825MPA, elongation ≥10%, specific strength is the crown of various metal materials, can be used as load-bearing parts.

3. Small elastic modulus, about 110, only half of steel, high fatigue strength, suitable for spring.

4. Good heat resistance, can work at 200-500°C for a long time, suitable for high-temperature parts.

5. Small thermal expansion coefficient, 50% of stainless steel and aluminum, suitable for engine valve and other parts.

6. Good corrosion resistance, better than aluminum magnesium and stainless steel, can resist the corrosion of air, rain, anti-freezing road moisture and high temperature waste gas containing hydrogen sulfide, suitable for exhaust pipe and other parts with poor working environment.

7. Good frost resistance, and low temperature brittleness will not occur in the environment of -100°C.

8. It is well formed and can produce parts of various shapes through stamping, hot forging, powder metallurgy, precision casting and other methods;

9. Good decoration can be oxidized to form various decorative materials with bright colors

10. High hardness, better wear resistance

In short, grade 5 titanium alloy (grade 5 titanium bar,grade 5 titanium forging,grade 5 titanium plate) can reduce the quality of the vehicle, reduce fuel consumption, improve power transmission effect, reduce noise, reduce vibration, reduce component load, improve the service life of the vehicle and protect the environment.

Disadvantages of grade 5 titanium alloy in the automotive industry: low elastic modulus, difficult machining, high price which limited the use of universal application.

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