Gr2 Titanium tube

- Dec 20, 2019-

Gr2 Titanium tube

Seamless tube: 

Titanium sponge—Compacting electrodes—melting—Forge—Bar billets—Extruding—Rolled—Straightening—Seamless tube


Welded tube: 

Titanium sponge—Compacting electrodes—melting—Forge—Plate billets—Hot rolled—Cold rolled—Titanium scrap—Welded—Welded tube


Cerficate:ISO 9001: 2015 , Mill Test certificate EN 10204 3.1 , SGS, Third party inspection.

Features : 

Low density and high strength; 

Excellent corrosion resistance; 

Good resistance to effect of heat; 

Excellent bearing to cryogenic property; 

Nonmagnetic and non-toxic; 

Good thermal properties. 


1.Heat exchangers and condensers 

2.Corrosive fluid transmission pipeline system. 

3.Titanium bicycle tube,automobile exhaust pipe. 

4.Offshore aquaculture. 

5.U type heat exchanger coil pipe ;Condenser; petroleum pipeline ; Sea farming 

6.Evaporimeter;Fluid Transporation Piping etc. 

7.Chlorine alkali, spaceflight, desalination , pure alkali,vacuum salt manufacturing, aviation spaceflight,, nuclear power, petrifaction industry, medication sports equipments

GR2 titanium tues