Gr5 Titanium alloy bar

- Apr 27, 2020-

Titanium alloy bar

Titanium USES: Mainly used in mechanical plating equipment medical ,all kinds of precision parts of titanium alloy rod mechanical parts ,especially Ti 6Al 4V alloy rods made of titanium rod used in car engines, abrasion resistance and light weight, not only reduce the weight of the car, and produced into titanium spring seat, silencers, exhaust gas barrels, and so on. 

In the chemical industry due to its corrosion resistance, wear-resistant features are used as the agitator, fasteners, etc.

Titanium is widely used in the food industry ,because of its small toxicity and pollution-free characteristics as titanium rod filter element. In addition, the superior performance of titanium has attracted the attention of the medical community, contributing its strength to the development of medicine and human health.