Gr5 Titanium bar for N95 Mask machine

- Apr 07, 2020-

Gr5 Titanium bar for N95 Mask machine

Chemical composition: Ti6Al4V

Physical properties:

Tensile strength ≥895MPA

Yield strength ≥825MPA

The elongation of 8% or higher

Rockwell hardness: 32-36HRC

It can work for a long time below 550°.

Because of the good high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, is the first choice for mask machine materials.

We can provide the following specifications of  Gr5 titanium rods:  

Ø12, Ø 14, Ø 16, Ø18,  Ø 20, Ø22, Ø 24,Ø 25,  Ø 28 , Ø30, Ø 35, Ø 40

Length: between 1000 and 3000mm.

GR5 Tibar for N95 Mask machine

Titanium bar for madecial N95 mask machine.