Gr5 titanium plate cutting technology

- Jul 10, 2020-

Gr5 titanium plate cutting technology

Gr5 titanium plate has high corrosion resistance, tensile strength and yield strength, relatively high hardness and relatively low price compared with other grade of titanium alloy, so it is widely used as structural parts and spare parts.

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The common technological process and contents of  Gr5 titanium plate as following:

(1) If semi-automatic cutting is carried out, the guide rail should be placed on the titanium plate plane, and then the cutting machine should be placed on the guide rail, and the order should not be reversed.

(2) Appropriate cutting parameters should be determined reasonably according to the thickness of titanium plate, so as to obtain good cutting effect.

(3) To check if Cut head gas is smooth, if there is a blockage should be timely dredge.

(4) Before cutting the titanium plate, the surface should be cleaned and a certain space should be left, which is conducive to the blowing out of the slag.

(5) The distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the titanium plate should be appropriate, too close or too far is not good.

(6) Preheat the titanium plate sufficiently to avoid affecting the cutting process.

(7) If the workpiece of different size is to be cut, the small piece should be cut first, and then the large piece.

Grade 5  titanium plate cutting 

Gr5 titanuim plate cutting