Grade 5 Titanium Rod

- Jun 04, 2020-

Ti6AL4V Grade 5 Titanium rod

International standard: ASTM B348

Chemical composition: 


AL - 5.5-6.75%

V: 3.5_4.5 % Fe, O, C, N, H are impurities

Production process: melting process: 3 vacuum consumable furnace melting

Grade 5 Titanium rod Forging process: 1 ton hammer forging pier drawing

Quality inspection: 

Provide MTC certificates: Grade A, Grade B to ensure no cracks, inclusions, pores and other defects

Surface condition: Black,Machine, polished

Physical properties: 

Tensile strength ≥895MPA, 

Yield strength ≥825MPA, 

Elongation ≥ 10%

Rockwell hardness: 31≥HRC≤35

Grade 5 Titanium rod Features: 

Small density 4.50kg /cm3, light

Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion

High strength, high hardness, wear resistance,

Under 400°C can work for a long time, is the first choice for precision parts。

Specification: Ø8-260mm length ≤4000mm

Packing: Carton/Wooden box

Ti6Al4V Grade 5 Titanium rod