Grade7 titanium rod

- Aug 01, 2019-

Grade7 titanium rod (titanium palladium alloy) has excellent corrosion resistance in oxidizing medium.It also has some corrosion resistance to reducing medium, especially to improve its crevice corrosion resistance in medium with high chloride ion concentration.Grade7 titanium bar contains 0.2% palladium, Grade9 titanium palladium alloy in 5% boiling sulfuric acid can reduce the corrosion rate from 48.26mm/a (industrial pure titanium) to 0.508mm/a, and increase the corrosion resistance by about 95 times.The alloy has good processing, forming and welding properties, but contains the precious metal palladium, high cost.

Ti-pd alloys include ti-0.2pd, ti-0.15pd and ti-0.13pd, among which ti-0.2pd is widely used in reactors, towers, autoclave, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, centrifuges, separators, pipelines, pipe fittings and electrolytic cells in highly corrosive environments

Application field and characteristics of grade7 titanium rod