Is Titanium the best metal for cooking?

- Nov 15, 2019-

Titanium Cookware Safety

One of the safest and healthiest metals for cooking is titanium, a chemical element and metal that's found in the Earth's crust. Titanium cookware safety relies mostly on the fact that this metal is incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion. It maintains its strength in heat, sea water and chlorine.

While titanium cookware safety makes it a popular choice for kitchenware, it's also used for industrial surfaces and even for medical and dental purposes.

You can rely on the history of titanium being safe and successful in most situations in which it's used, according to a review published in December 2019 in the International Journal of Implant Dentistry. While the study noted some minor cases of titanium toxicity in oral care, this metal is generally considered very safe for cooking.

The only thing you may want to check on for titanium cookware safety is what other metals, if any, have been added to the pot or pan. Since titanium isn't the best conductor of heat, it's sometimes coated with copper or aluminum, both of which can potentially leak into food and cause health problems.

Titanium is lightweight and extremely strong. Titanium cookware uses an aluminum base for even heat transfer and distribution.Food will not stick to titanium. Oil or water is not necessary to cook food in titanium pans, so food retains more flavor and nutrients.