Porous titanium sheet

- Jun 02, 2020-

Main parameters of  Porous titanium sheet

Filtration accuracy: 0.45um -- 100um 

Porosity: 28 -- 50% 

Penetration rate: 0.02-20m3cm /m2h.mmH2O 

Compressive strength: 0.5-1.5mpa 

Temperature resistance: 280℃ (wet state) 

Maximum working pressure difference: 0.6Mpa 

Porous titanium sheet,Application field

Can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, biological engineering, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy industry and gas purification field.

Performance: various porosity (28% -- 50%), pore diameter (4u -- 160u) and filtration accuracy (0.2um -- 100um).

Working environment:

Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, 5% hydrochloric acid, molten sodium, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, acetylene, water vapor, hydrogen, gas, carbon dioxide and other gases used in the environment.

Operating temperature: ≤550℃

Filtration accuracy under 98% filtration efficiency: 0.1-80um

Material: Titanium Grade 1

Wall thickness: generally 0.6-3mm

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