Ti6Al4V Gr5 titanium alloy bar

- Mar 30, 2020-

Titanium is a kind of metal elements, gray, atomic number 22, relative atomic mass 47.867 can burn in the presence of Nitrogen, high melting point of pure titanium and give priority to with titanium alloy is a new kind of structural material, mainly used in aerospace and Marine industry because of the small proportion of titanium alloy material with high melting point is better than strength and high toughness fatigue resistance to acid and alkali corrosion resistance coefficient of thermal conductivity low high and low temperature tolerance can good under the condition of thermal shock stress small wait for a characteristic, its commercial value began to be recognized in the 1950 s, has been applied in aerospace and other high-tech areas and continue to chemical oil electricity desalinationConstruction daily necessities and other industrial promotion.

TI alloy bar

Standard : ASTM B348 ASTM F136 ASTM F67 AMS4928 

Specification:(diameter * length /mm):8mm-250mm*L


GR5  titanium alloy bar technical requirements:

1) Hot working bar diameter or length and its deviation should be allowed to meet the provisions of the table 

2) By machining (grinding) after hot working light bar and cold rolled, cold drawn rod diameter deviation should be allowed to meet industry regulations 

3) By machining (grinding) after hot working out of roundness of light bar should not more than half of the size tolerance

4) The length of the indefinite ruler of the Hot  processed bar is 300-6000mm, and the length of the indefinite ruler of the annealed bar is 300-2000mm.

Use Area: 

Aerospace, Aviation, maritime ship, seawater desalination.

Petrochemical machinery equipment, nuclear power equipment, electric equipment, automobile, motorcycle parts, sports, leisure, medical parts, steel, and metallurgical high-tech fields