Titanium and titanium alloy used in Medical area

- May 11, 2020-

Titanium has the advantages of biocompatibility with human body, corrosion resistance in human environment and so on. Therefore, as a kind of emerging material, it has been developed and used in the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, human body implants. 

1.The low density makes the medical parts light and comfortable.

2.Titanium has the appropriate strength and high fatigue strength, which can meet the strength requirements of bones, joints, surgical instruments and rehabilitation instruments (such as wheelchairs).

3.Corrosion resistance (chemical stability is good), resistance to fluid corrosion, suitable for the use of all parts of the body.

4.Good biocompatibility, non-toxicity .

5.Good mechanical compatibility, the elastic modulus of titanium alloy can be reduced to 50~100GPa, reduce the stress shielding, and good compatibility with human bones.

5.Low X-ray absorptivity, medical examination, X-ray visibility is good.

6.Shape memory function, can be used to do the spine is orthopedic rod, bone nails, internal fixator, hip, stent and other applications.

7.It is very elastic, suitable for orthodontic thread, suture needle, etc.

8.Titanium  have good processing formability, suit to make all sorts of products such as plate, rod, wires, tube, capillary tube, special-shaped piece.

Gr23 Titanium Bar Ti6AL4V ELI