Titanium and titanium used for petrochemical

- May 06, 2020-

Titanium and titanium alloy is excellent material in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry structure , can be used for heat exchanger , reactor pressure vessel separator condensation piping, distillation tower, lining, etc

 titanium vessel

Offshore oil and gas production is subject to seawater corrosion and stress corrosion for a long time. Abroad, Ti-6Al-4V is widely used as oil platform pillar, rope support, high pressure pump, riser and connector of seawater circulation pressure system. Because Ti-6Al-4V is not only resistant to seawater corrosion, but also has high toughness, high yield strength and high fatigue limit. Recently, the prestressing production pipe joints made of titanium have been selected abroad. The joints are easy to assemble, light in weight, and elastic in sealing. Titanium is the best material. China's offshore oil industry is entering the stage of large-scale development. The structural parts, key components and equipment of the current platform are imported from abroad, and domestic materials are rarely used. But titanium is expected to find a big market here.

titanium tubes