Titanium balls

- Jan 15, 2020-

1. Product introduction

Titanium balls can be used for different purposes according to different materials and specifications, and can be used for jewelry - body piercing.Can also be used in the medical industry;Acid, alkali environment under the diversion device, titanium alloy ball as a sealing ball.

2. Product specifications

Solid titanium sphere: Dia 2mm-200mm.

2mm-10mm, special for jewelry, body piercing

Ti6Al4VELI (Gr23) medical material

Titanium spheres 45/55/65/75/85/105 for sealing or decoration

3. The material

Material: Gr1,Gr2,Gr5,Ti6Al4VELI or other required material can also be customized.

Processing technology: lathe processing into a round blank, grinding a certain degree of roundness (0.03 or so), hand polishing, surface to achieve a mirror effect.

4. Product advantages: titanium ball can be passivated, and the passivated film can self-heal after being damaged in the oxygen-containing environment;

Therefore, titanium is stable to air, water and a number of corrosive media titanium balls and titanium alloy balls have excellent corrosion resistance, can only be hydrofluoric acid and medium concentration of strong alkali solution erosion remarks:Can be drilling, coloring, polishing and so on.

Titanium Ball

We produce and supply titanium balls,the size,materials,and color can be customized according to customer's requirement,please contact us for any inquiry.