Titanium disk

- Jun 15, 2020-

Titanium disk

Titanium Disk GR5

Material : GR2, GR5 Ti6al-4V

Diameter: 50-1100mm, thickness 20mm-600mm

Processing technology: forging, machine.

Supply state: annealed state

Quality testing: ISO9001-2008 management System certification;100% ultrasonic flaw detection;Provide third party quality inspection documents.

Standard: ASTM B348 AMS 4928

Packing: packing in wooden cases according to customer's needs.

Production equipment:: electrode press, vacuum consumable arc furnace, free forging oil press, 750 kg air hammer, resistance heating furnace, lathe, sawing machine, etc.

Application: aerospace, medical, chemical, petrochemical, Marine, electrolysis, electroplating and other industries.

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Titanium disks