Titanium information

- Sep 24, 2019-

Standards for Titanium products

ASTM F: a standard for medical products

ASTM B: is a standard for industrial products

AMS & MIL: a standard for aerospace and military products

Titanium materials' grades

Titanium materials of grade 1-4 are unalloyed and considered commercially as pure or "C.P.". Generally speaking the tensile and yield strength goes up with the number of these grades.

Those of grade 5, also known as Ti6Al4V, Ti-6Al-4V or Ti 6-4, are the most commonly used alloys because of their special physical and chemical properties. they have a chemical composition of 6% Aluminum, 4% Vanadium, 0.25% (maximum) Iron, 0.2% (maximum) Oxygen and the rest is Titanium.

Those of grade 7 contain 0.12% to 0.25% Palladium. The small amount of Palladium gives them improved crevice corrosion resistance at low temperatures and high pH.

Those of grade 9 contain 3.0% Aluminum and 2.5% Vanadium. They are often used in aircraft tubing for hydraulics and in athletic equipment.

Those of grade 12 contain 0.3% Molybdenum and 0.8% Nickel.

Those of grade 23 contain 6% Aluminum, 4% Vanadium and 0.13% (maximum) Oxygen.