Titanium powder introduce

- Sep 02, 2019-

Titanium powder ,silver gray powder, can burn in nitrogen, melting point is high.Titanium can be hydrogenated by adding hydrogen at high temperature in vacuum. After inhaling a large amount of hydrogen, titanium hydride becomes titanium hydride. Titanium hydride is easy to embrittlement and easy to be made into powder.

Titanium hydride powder generally contains 4% hydrogen content, silver dark gray color, high temperature hydrogen will be released, currently using this technology to make "aluminum foam" titanium hydride powder because of hydrogen to make pure titanium powder through high temperature vacuum, a lot of time to vacuum, reduced to titanium powder.Titanium powder has stable properties at room temperature and strong combining ability at high temperature. It can combine with oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other elements.Pure titanium powder has the function of inhalation at high temperature, so it is used as "getter" in the electronics industry.

Titanium powder will give white sparks in combustion.Titanium powder in case of open fire and strong friction flammable, widely used in fireworks, fireworks commonly used titanium powder for 100 mesh for outdoor, 200 mesh powder used for indoor cold light fireworks.The higher purity, the spark will be more white.

Titanium powder is also applied in "metal additive", used as a titanium agent. As an additive, titanium powder can be divided into titanium content: Ti≥ 88%, Ti≥ 90%, Ti≥ 92%, Ti≥ 95%, Ti≥ 97%, Ti≥ 98%.Particle size is divided into 40 mesh 60 mesh 80 mesh 100 mesh can be used as "titanium agent".

Titanium is almost as hard as steel, but it is only about half as heavy as steel of the same volume. Titanium, though slightly heavier than Aluminum, is twice as hard as AL,Very thin titanium powder, is a good rocket fuel, so titanium is known as the universe metal, space metal.Titanium has good heat resistance and its melting point is up to 1725℃.At room temperature, titanium can lie unharmed in a variety of solutions of strong acids and bases.Even the fiercest acid, aqua regia, could not corrode it.The biggest disadvantage of titanium is that it is difficult to refine, mainly because of its great ability to combine with oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other elements at high temperatures.