Titanium seamless tube features

- Jul 24, 2020-

Titanium seamless tube features

1. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, titanium alloy has a very high strength, its tensile strength is 680mpa -- 1200MPa, and the density is only about 60% of the steel, so the specific strength is relatively high.

2. High hardness of titanium seamless tube, hardness of titanium alloy (annealed state) HRC is 30 -- 38.

3. With low elastic modulus. The elastic modulus of titanium alloy (anneal state) is 1.077×10-1.175×10MPa, which is about half that of steel and stainless steel

Titanium seamless tube:

Diameter: O.6-108mm

Wall thickness: 0.5 to 10 mm

Length: maximum 9000mm

4. Excellent high and low temperature performance, seamless titanium tube at high temperature can still maintain good mechanical properties, its heat resistance is higher than aluminum alloy, and the working temperature range is wide, the current new heat resistant titanium alloy working temperature can reach 500-600 ℃;At low temperature, the strength of titanium alloy is increased compared with that at room temperature, and has good toughness. At low temperature, titanium alloy can maintain good toughness at -250℃.

5. Titanium seamless pipe corrosion resistance is strong, titanium under 550 ℃ in air, the surface will quickly form a thin and compact titanium oxide film, so the atmosphere, water, nitric acid and sulfuric acid etc oxidizing medium and strong base, its corrosion resistance is superior to most of the stainless steel, titanium seamless pipe extrusion process, the welding of titanium tube sheet using curl after welding and become, generally relatively small titanium seamless pipe wall thickness, diameter is smaller.

Titanium seamless tubes