Titanium target

- Dec 30, 2019-


Gr1 , Gr2, Gr3 choose materials for different purposes
100*50, 100*45, 95*45, 95*40, 80* 45mm and other specifications, in strict accordance with the drawings provided by the customer processing of silk teeth, sealing ring.
Titanium target Use:
Mainly used in electroplating, ion plating, vacuum coating decorative and functional coating industry, graphic display, optical data storage industry (CD industry), optical communication industry, glass coating (architecture glass and automobile glass) industry, glass beads, stainless steel wire drawing panel, stainless steel mirror plate, stainless steel products, accessories, ceramic, cutting tools and other industries.
Support functional and decorative coating, through the reaction of titanium nitride, titanium nitride and other gases to produce rose gold, titanium gold, silver, black and other colors.

Titanium tagart picture

titanium target