Titanium used in chemical industry

- Sep 26, 2019-

Titanium is mainly used in following chemical industry:

1. Chlor-alkali industry

Titanium in the earliest chemical industry, the user is chlor-alkali industry.

These include the production of chlorine gas, chlorine oxides, pesticides, bleaching powders, etc. In the production of chlorine, titanium equipment and pipes account for almost a quarter of its total mass volume. Such as metal anode electrolyzer, ion membrane electrolyzer and anode liquid pump, tube type wet chlorine cooler, chlorine wastewater dechlorination tower, chlorine gas cooling washing tower, refined brine preheater, vacuum dechlorination pump and valve, etc.

2. Soda ash industry

In the production of soda ash, titanium is mainly used in crystallization external cooler, distillation tower top ammonia condenser, ammonium chloride mother liquid heater, plate heat exchanger, umbrella plate heat exchanger, carbonized tower cooling tube, carbon dioxide turbine compressor rotor impeller, alkali pump, etc.

3. Vacuum salt industry

Titanium ammonia evaporator, titanium preheater, titanium precooler, titanium flange, titanium tube plate, titanium pump shell and titanium elbow.

4. Petroleum Fibre

At present, no matter from abroad, or domestic design and manufacture of polyester, polyamide, vinylon and other petroleum and chemical fiber enterprises have used some titanium equipment.

Titanium equipment has played a positive role in the development of China’s chemical fiber production, especially for the safety and stability of continuous production, to improve product quality, to prevent premature corrosion failure of stainless steel, improve the service life of equipment, reduce the parking and maintenance, improve the comprehensive economic benefits, made a significant contribution.

5. Fine Chemical Industry

The industrial raw material of epoxy propane installation is strong corrosive medium.The two main raw materials used in the production of PO are liquid chlorine and propylene. These strong corrosion media lay the corrosion foundation of the pipeline of the production plant of PO. Under this process condition, carbon steel, Al, Cu, Ni, stainless steel and other metals cannot resist corrosion.

6. Inorganic Salt Industry

Inorganic salts mainly include chlorate and potassium salts.Titanium chlorate equipment mainly includes electrolyzer, titanium anode, reaction generator, evaporator, etc. Every 10,000 t of sodium chlorate needs about 15t of titanium.

Potassium products include potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium carbonate and so on.Evaporators, preheating tanks and coolers in potassium nitrate and potash production require titanium equipment.

7.The carbamide /urea

Titanium is used for lining of urea synthesis column, ammonia stripper column, heater of general decomposition column, feed of methylamine pump, drain valve and spring, high pressure mixer, etc.

9.Nitric acid

Titanium is used in nitric acid evaporator, nitrogen oxide tail gas preheater, nitric acid steam preheater, gas scrubber, fast cooler, condenser, turbine blower, pump, valve, pipeline, etc.

Titanium is used in coil heat exchanger, absorption tower, cleaning tower nozzle, fan, water ring vacuum pump, filter and so on.