What are the general applications of titanium screws?

- Oct 16, 2019-

What are the general applications of titanium screws?


Everyone could use different screws combination.Someone call it titanium screws,someone call it titanium bolts, someone call it titanium fasteners, someone call it standard parts,although there are so many names, but the meaning is the same,all are fasteners. 


Titanium screw due to its stable performance, the current application is very extensive, at industrial production and manufacturing have an indispensable position,the screw is also known as industrial rice which can see that the screw is widely used.Screw application areas include: electronic products, mechanical products, digital products, power equipment, mechanical and electrical products screw is also used in ships, vehicles, hydraulic engineering and the chemical experiment in any case, screws used in many places, especially for digital products, screw DVD micro screw used in cameras, lenses, wall clock, electronic, television, electrical appliances, instruments, furniture and other general screw;As for engineering, building, Bridges, using big screws, nuts;Transportation equipment, aircraft, trains, cars and other combined with a large screw and small screw, screw plays an important role in industry .

There are many types of screws, both for the smallest screw of glasses or for heavy electrical engineering,the precision of screw bolt is usually 6 g (level 2, IFI 2 a), 1 g for building projects using coarse screw .

Titanium screw is widely used, so the screw market demand is relative big, the screw and screw industry producers must be more,Choose professional manufacturers Xi’an Sita, standard parts, customized parts provide according to customers requirements, High quality products,fast deliver time ,good service, must meet your needs.