What is the difference between titanium and titanium alloy?

- Jun 17, 2020-

What is the difference between titanium and titanium alloy?

The concept of pure titanium: the titanium material with a titanium content greater than 99.5% is generally called pure titanium. According to the impurity content, pure titanium is divided into high-purity titanium (purity up to 99.9%) and industrial pure titanium (purity up to 99.5%).There are three grades of industrial pure titanium, respectively represented by Grade+ serial Numbers 1, 2 and 3. The higher the number, the lower the purity.

Physical properties of titanium:

Ti density: 4.507 g/cm3, melting point: 1688℃.With isomerism, phase with dense hexagonal structure ≤882.5℃ and phase with volumetric center-cubic structure ≥882.5℃ has isomerism.

Titanium alloy concept: based on titanium elements, and add other metal elements smelting forging, rolling and other series of processes produced titanium material, generally known as titanium alloy.

The similarities between pure titanium and titanium alloy: because both are based on titanium, they both have the basic characteristics of titanium:

1. Small density, light texture, general density between 4.45 and 4.60, slightly different according to the proportion of added metal elements.

2. Good corrosion resistance.The biggest advantage of titanium is its strong corrosion resistance, especially for hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid solution, so it is widely used in the chemical industry as equipment and parts.

The difference between pure titanium and titanium alloys

Pure titanium has low strength, soft texture and abrasion resistance, but good plasticity, low temperature toughness and high corrosion resistance.While titanium alloy by the other metal elements added to overcome the low strength of pure titanium, quality of a material soft weakness, and greatly enhanced the strength of titanium material, hardness, and wear resistance, strength of concrete increase how much on the basis of adding alloying elements and proportion of different and there is a certain difference, the most widely used at present, the relative price is cheaper grade of titanium alloy Grade4 titanium alloy, also called Ti6AL4V, Xi 'an Sita industrial co., LTD., production and sale of titanium and titanium alloy materials;Pure titanium Grade 1 , main Grade 1,Grade 2, etc.,Grade 5 titanium alloy Grade 7, Grade 9 and Grade 12. and Grade 23. And can further deep processing of titanium material, the company has perfect quality management system, take the ISO9001 quality management certification, production of titanium plate, titanium rod, titanium wire, titanium pipe, titanium screw, titanium accessories, Our products exported to Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, welcomed all customers friends contact us for any inquiry

Application technology of titanium: Titanium has good pressure processing performance, but poor cutting performance.Titanium can be burned when heated in nitrogen, so it should be protected by argon during heating and welding.

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