Gr5 Titanium Pipes Used For Petroleum Intrument

- Apr 17, 2020-

Gr5  titanium tube can be used for producing petroleum intrument

Tensile strength ≥895mpa

Yield strength ≥825mpa

Elongation > 10%

Reduction of area > 15%

Density: 4.51 kg/m3, almost the specific strength in metal

Rockwell hardness is generally 32-34, much higher than pure titanium, hardness, wear resistance

Gr5 titanium tube ,With  acid and alkali corrosion resistance characteristics, therefore, it is widely used in the industrial field, used to do precision parts

We can make Gr5 titanium tube of the following specifications:

10 mm outside diameter or greater

Wall thickness 1.2 mm or more

The length of 9000 mm or less

Finish the ra ≤0.8 mm

Tolerance ≤ 0.2 mm

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