HDH Titanium Sponge Powder Export To Germany

- Oct 23, 2020-

Our company exported a batch of high-purity HDH titanium sponge powder to Japan.

Specification: -100 mesh

Our Production: sponge titanium powder 200T/ year, metal titanium powder 500T/ year, belongs to the domestic large-scale titanium powder manufacture.

Application: Used for alloy, diamond tools, electronic industry, titanium plating and other high-tech fields.

and aluminum alloy additive industry.

Specification: titanium sponge powder -60 mesh -80 mesh -100 mesh -150 mesh -200 mesh -300 mesh -325 mesh -400 mesh

Materials used: titanium sponge powder grade 0A, grade 0 titanium sponge

Production method: the most advanced (HDH) hydrogenation dehydrogenation method in China.

Content: sponge titanium powder 99.2% 99.3% 99.4% 99.5%

Quality control: titanium sponge powder O< 0.3% H< 0.02% N< 0.02% C< 0.02% Cl< 0.03%

Si< 0.02% Fe< 0.04% Mg< 0.01% Mn< 0.02%

Product features: High Ti content of sponge titanium powder, low O, H, C and N content (titanium powder quality mainly depends on O, H, C and N)

Price advantage: sponge titanium powder metal titanium powder are lower than similar products in the same industry.

DHD titanium powder


(1)Titanium sponge powder (1Kg) packed in vacuum bag

(2) 25 plastic bagsin /per barrel. 1Kg vacuum bags filled with argon.

high purity titanium powder