Titanium Screws Export To Europe

- Mar 11, 2021-

Another batch of titanium alloy screws were exported to Europe

Models are: DIN933 and DIN934, DIN7991, DIN912, DIN913, DIN6912, DIN6921

ISO7380 ISO2338, DIN125, DIN9021, etc

Material: pure titanium Grade2, titanium alloy Grade5

Titanium and titanium alloy screw performance:

1. Small density, light texture

2. Good acid and alkaline resistance, excellent corrosion resistance

3. Titanium alloy screws have high specific strength, high hardness, wear resistance and durability

Because of the above performance of titanium alloy screws, it is widely used in titanium bicycles, racing cars, automobiles, ships, chemical, petroleum, and high-grade mechanical equipment.

High quality raw materials, excellent workmanship, excellent performance.

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