Titanium Screws Export To Germany

- Oct 14, 2019-

We produced and export a batch of  titanium screws  to  Germany.

Ti Gr2,DIN933 Hex titanium bolts.

Ti Gr2,DIN 912 Socket titanium bolts.

Ti Gr2, DIN 985 titanium nuts.

Ti Gr5 ,ISO7308-1 Torx Titanium nuts.

Ti Gr5 ,ISO7308-1 Torx Titanium nuts.

Ti Gr5,ISO14580 titanium bolts.

Ti Gr5 DIN1587  

Ti Gr2 DIN975 

Ti Gr2 DIN EN1661 

We  are professional producer of titanium and titanium alloy fasteners,if you have any inuiry of titanium screws,titanium nuts, titanium pins,titanim washers,and titanium threaded rod,please feel free to contact us.