Nickel Titanium Wire

Nickel Titanium Wire

Shape memory function
Wear resistance
Corrosion resistance
High damping and super elasticity
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Nickel titanium wire

Nickel titanium wire is a kind of shape memory alloy, shape memory alloy is a special alloy that can automatically restore its plastic deformation to the original shape under a certain temperature, and has good plasticity.It has a scaling rate of over 20%.

Special properties of Nickel titanium wire

  1. shape memory

  2. superelasticity

  3. Sensitivity to temperature changes in the oral cavity

  4. corrosion resistanc

  5. Soft healing power

  6. Good shock absorption characteristics

Nickel titanium wire can meet the needs of various engineering and medical applications, and is a very excellent functional material.

Nitinol wires

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