500mm High Purity Graphite Carbon Electrode Rod

500mm High Purity Graphite Carbon Electrode Rod

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With strong strength and excellent quality assurance, our company is gradually developing into China's most powerful Gr5 Ti6Al4V titanium rod, Grade 12 Seamless Titanium Tube, Titanium Rod Medical brand with great momentum. Our company is unique in the market with perfect management, advanced production technology, unique marketing mechanism and high-quality after-sales service. Our company is looking forward to cooperating with you, serving you and becoming a partner you can trust and rely on.

Graphite rod used in the electric heating body of high temperature vacuum furnace, the highest temperature can reach 3000℃, easy to oxidation at high temperature, in addition to vacuum, can only use it in the neutral atmosphere and reducing atmosphere of small thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, resistivity (8 ~ 13) 10-6 Ω m., good workability is better than SiC MoSi2 rods, high temperature resistant, resistant to extreme cold hot , price is cheap.

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While increasing our global market influence, we will continue to focus on the quality of our 500mm High Purity Graphite Carbon Electrode Rod and services and maintain our good reputation as a customer-centric company. We are hunting ahead to building positive and beneficial links with the businesses round the globe. Our simple and clear central idea is to penetrate the high-quality service consciousness into every detail of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales.


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