99.95% Pure Molybdenum Sheet Plate for Sale

99.95% Pure Molybdenum Sheet Plate for Sale

Molybdenum plate
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We are dedicated to providing Titanium Sheet and Plate, Titanium Grade 9 Tube, Black Titanium Bolts as well as efficient and timely services for customers at home and abroad. We provide good quality but unbeatable low price and the best service. Over the years, we have made unremitting efforts, determined to innovate and have the courage to make breakthroughs.

Molybdenum plate

Molybdenum is very hard,also very soft, it's ductile molybdenum has a high modulus of elasticity,molybdenum plate is used in many special steels ,other common uses are molybdenum electrodes, vacuum furnace applications, nuclear energy, missile and aircraft parts.


Silver gray metallic luster


0.05~50.0mm(thickness) × 50~600mm(Width) × 100~3000(Length)


Molybdenum content 99.95%~99.6% impurity content 0.04

The molybdenum density in molybdenum plate is 10.2 g/cm3


Corrosion resistance


Extrusion ,forging, rolling


Mould and parts furnace construction, electronic and semiconductor industry parts manufacturing

Molybdenum sheet

With our professional knowledge and commitment to the market, we position ourselves as a trusted business partner of our customers to meet customer needs by providing reliable and innovative 99.95% Pure Molybdenum Sheet Plate for Sale. We take the client first and sincere cooperation as our principle, and sincerely look forward to communicating and cooperating with you and developing together. With a sense of responsibility of society and never give up, we strive to be an excellent company worthy of our employees.
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