Black/White Yttria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Zro2 Ceramic Plate

Black/White Yttria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Zro2 Ceramic Plate

Model Number: Zirconium plate
Surface: rolled brighter
Certification: ISO 9001
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We are committed to the development of domestic products, provide high-quality Tantalum, Ti tube, Titanium alloy wire for domestic and international markets, and have formed large-scale production. In recent years, with the continuous growth of product demand, the market has ushered in rapid growth and development. Therefore, the development strategy has become an important means for us to build competitive advantages. Actually need to any of those objects be of interest to you, make sure you allow us to know. Strategic orientation is related to the basic judgment and decision-making of the future development trend of the enterprise, and is the starting point and foundation of the strategic management of the enterprise. We are the first business partner for you!

Zirconium plate

Materials: R60702, R60704, R60705, ZR-1, ZR-3,

DIN,GB,ISO,JIS,GB/T21183-2007,ASTM B 551

Specification thickness (0.5 ~ 10mm)

Width (50 ~ 2000mm)

Length (1000-6000mm)

Surface polishing, pickling surface

Characteristic corrosion resistance


Heat exchanger, condenser, chlor-alkali and other chemical equipment, Marine, seawater desalination, power plant equipment industry.

Testing and quality system

1.ISO 9001:2008

2. Mechanical performance test.

3. Inspect destructive and non-destructive tests to ensure materials meet industry and customer requirements

Zirconium plate

We rank in the forefront of the Black/White Yttria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Zro2 Ceramic Plate industry and enjoy a high reputation. Our products sell well all over the country and many countries. We have gradually established a good people-oriented employment mechanism, which not only re-uses talents in our work, but also enables them to experience the company's respect and care for talents in all aspects. Should further information be required, please contact us at any time!
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