Gr. 1 Grade 1 Ruo2 Iro2 Pure Coated Titanium Anode Plate for Seawater Electrolysis

Gr. 1 Grade 1 Ruo2 Iro2 Pure Coated Titanium Anode Plate for Seawater Electrolysis

MMO Coated Titanium Anode Plate
Material: Gr1 titanium as substrate, mixed metal oxides coated
Dimension: Usually customized by your design, drawing or requirement
MMO Coating Types: Pt, Ru, Ir, Ta, Ru-Ir, Ru-Ir-Sn, Ir-Ta, Pt-Ir, PbO2, etc
Shape Plate Other shapes like mesh, tube, bar, wire are also available
IS0 9001 Certificate
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From raw materials to finished products, we manufacture our Molybdenum sheet price, Titanium Bicycle Tubing, Zirconium with advanced production capacity, and you can buy and use it with confidence. We have set up several sales offices and after-sales service centers, and have a complete quality service system. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable personnel, our market covers many countries worldwide. Our vision and mission is to continuously improve our products through continuous R&D investment and technological innovation.

As a professional manufacturer in the field of precious metal coating, our company adopts advanced coating technology in titanium anode production, making our products have high quality performance.

According to the actual operating conditions of each electrode, suitable product types can be designed for customers to ensure that it can achieve the best use effect in any medium or use.


Titanium anode coating is composed of mixed metal oxides, such as RuO2, IrO2, TiO2, Ta2O5.In the process of chlorine and oxygen evolution electrolysis, this mixed oxide can obviously reduce the cell voltage, save energy and have a long life.

Excellent corrosion resistance of titanium anode makes it have stable size, also known as dimensional stable anode or insoluble titanium anode.Excellent stability ensures that it does not contaminate the electrolytic system, improves product purity and reduces maintenance costs.


1.Ruthenium-iridium titanium anode is used for chlor-alkali, sodium hypochlorite, sewage treatment, seawater desalination, etc.

2.Tantalum iridium titanium anode is used for electrolysis production of copper foil, aluminum foil, organic electrolysis, cathodic protection, etc.

3.Ruthenium titanium anode used for caustic soda, caustic potassium, sodium chlorate, sodium hypochlorite and other chlorine salt electrolysis

4.Platinum titanium anode for electrodeposition, water treatment,

5.Lead dioxide titanium anode organic electrolysis synthesis, sewage treatment,

6.Titanium Anode used for etching solution recovery of copper industry

7.Titanium Anode used for primary copper extraction and secondary copper removal in hydrometallurgy.

titnanium anode plate

We take the vigorous improvement of the basic manufacturing equipment as a starting point, focusing on strengthening the energy savings of the production process to provide the customers with assured and high quality Gr. 1 Grade 1 Ruo2 Iro2 Pure Coated Titanium Anode Plate for Seawater Electrolysis. Hope to expertise a happy company co-operation perform with you. We strive to cultivate and shape a good corporate cultural atmosphere and hope to provide a warm working environment for our employees.
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