Metal Titanium /Stainless Steel Sintered 10 Micron Porous Filter

Metal Titanium /Stainless Steel Sintered 10 Micron Porous Filter

Filter precision :0.5um-50um
Compression strength:2-3Mpa
Brand:WIT ISO9001 certificate temperature endurance:250℃
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The DIN 912 Titanium Bolts, Gr23 titanium bar, DIN 125 Titanium washer of our company is dependable in quality, competitive in prices, excellent in quality and sustainable. Since the establishment of our company, we have been cooperating with colleagues from all walks of life with the most sincere heart, absorbing the essence and eliminating the dross in the cooperation, in order to maximize the development. We won the reputation among the customers for the large scale of technological reform projects at home and abroad and the advanced production equipment.

Filtering principle

Sintered titanium filtermaterial is a titanium metal porous filtration material made by powder metallurgy. Its internal pores are curved, crisscross and evenly distributed. The filtration mechanism is typical deep filtration.

Main performance:

1. Uniform aperture, stable pore shape and high separation efficiency.

2. High porosity, low filtration resistance and high permeability.

3,High temperature resistance, can be used normally under 250℃.

4. Good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance (ph2-12), and oxidation resistance.

5. No particle shedding, no secondary contamination of the original liquid, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

6. Good mechanical performance, low pressure difference, large flow rate, pressure filter and suction filter, simple operation.

7. Strong anti-microbial ability, no interaction with microorganisms.

8, Can be recycled online, easy to clean, long service life (generally several times as long as the membrane filter element)

9, Good molding process, the overall length of welding can reach 1000 mm.

10, Non-magnetic non-toxic, and human tissue and blood has a good compatibility, by the pharmaceutical industry, food Industry and water treatment industry widely used.

Product technical parameters:

Filter precision



Compression strength

temperature endurance







Our company was founded with the purpose to provide the best quality Metal Titanium /Stainless Steel Sintered 10 Micron Porous Filter at competitive prices and to offer the best service to all of our customers. Our company has improved the quality management system, strictly controlled the production process, and improved after-sales service. Of course, other services, like consulting, can be offered too.
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