Molybdenum Plate Sputtering Target for PVD Coating

Molybdenum Plate Sputtering Target for PVD Coating

Molybdenum plate
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Our forward-looking development of Small Titanium Bolts, Titanium Forged Block, Titanium Pipe Fittings firmly grasps the commanding heights of the industry and product technology. Our company is willing to sincerely cooperate with people from all walks of life and develop together with advanced technology, modern management and professional staff. With our professional team and top technology, we make our products perfect and beautiful and strive to be recognized by every customer. Our goal is to cultivate the concept of corporate culture, increase the trust of enterprises and establish a brand image.

Molybdenum plate

Molybdenum is very hard,also very soft, it's ductile molybdenum has a high modulus of elasticity,molybdenum plate is used in many special steels ,other common uses are molybdenum electrodes, vacuum furnace applications, nuclear energy, missile and aircraft parts.


Silver gray metallic luster


0.05~50.0mm(thickness) × 50~600mm(Width) × 100~3000(Length)


Molybdenum content 99.95%~99.6% impurity content 0.04

The molybdenum density in molybdenum plate is 10.2 g/cm3


Corrosion resistance


Extrusion ,forging, rolling


Mould and parts furnace construction, electronic and semiconductor industry parts manufacturing

Molybdenum sheet

Our overall process of Molybdenum Plate Sputtering Target for PVD Coating has reached the world's advanced level, thus the development of related industries will be promoted. Welcome all the clients old and new to visit our company and talk about the business. We will communicate and work closely with the industry, and strive to improve product technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
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