New Arrival Classic 3763 7FT6in 3wt Graphite Fly Rod

New Arrival Classic 3763 7FT6in 3wt Graphite Fly Rod

Graphite rod,high purity Graphite,Graphite powder-Xi'an Sita
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Our company mainly deals in Drilled Head Titanium Bolts, F9 Titanium Forgings, Titanium Rod Medical, and can also develop and design related products according to customer requirements. In order to live up to the expectations of stakeholders and realize the optimal sustainable development of society, we take it as our corporate philosophy and actively fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. We have a scientific quality assurance system to provide our customers with excellent products and a good all-round after-sales service. We are committed to adopt the new strategy-the difference of product, concept, service and so on, to obtain the advantage of competition. Abiding by our motto of 'Hold well the quality and services, Customers Satisfaction', So we provide our clients with high quality products and excellent service.

Graphite rod used in the electric heating body of high temperature vacuum furnace, the highest temperature can reach 3000℃, easy to oxidation at high temperature, in addition to vacuum, can only use it in the neutral atmosphere and reducing atmosphere of small thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, resistivity (8 ~ 13) 10-6 Ω m., good workability is better than SiC MoSi2 rods, high temperature resistant, resistant to extreme cold hot , price is cheap.

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With our loaded practical experience and thoughtful solutions, we now have been identified for New Arrival Classic 3763 7FT6in 3wt Graphite Fly Rod. We can customize production and processing according to customer requirements to meet customer needs as much as possible. We have got high praise by partner.
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