Properties Bending 361 Molybdenum Sheet

Properties Bending 361 Molybdenum Sheet

Molybdenum plate
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Renowned for its quality and robustness, our Titanium ASTM F136, F2 Titanium Forgings, Titanium powder for 3d printing is reliable even in the most demanding environments. The new technology we adopt can strengthen the market competitiveness of products, to provide personalized products that are different from competitors, and reduce market risks, which will become the trend of future development. In order to continue to develop in the future, we will pass on the corporate beliefs of 'people-oriented', such as meritocracy and health first doctrine from generation to generation. We meticulously devote ourselves to the development and construction of corporate culture, individualization, and high-quality products, so that our company can stride forward to a modern enterprise. We look forward to promote the industrialization, commercialization and maximization of technological innovation achievements, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Molybdenum plate

Molybdenum is very hard,also very soft, it's ductile molybdenum has a high modulus of elasticity,molybdenum plate is used in many special steels ,other common uses are molybdenum electrodes, vacuum furnace applications, nuclear energy, missile and aircraft parts.


Silver gray metallic luster


0.05~50.0mm(thickness) × 50~600mm(Width) × 100~3000(Length)


Molybdenum content 99.95%~99.6% impurity content 0.04

The molybdenum density in molybdenum plate is 10.2 g/cm3


Corrosion resistance


Extrusion ,forging, rolling


Mould and parts furnace construction, electronic and semiconductor industry parts manufacturing

Molybdenum sheet

We combine technology and craftsmanship to create the perfect Properties Bending 361 Molybdenum Sheet upholding the perseverance and pioneering spirit, and integrating rich production experience. We are convinced that with joint endeavours, the small business between us will bring us mutual benefits. We focus on technology research and development, and continue to innovate with our advanced production equipment.
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