Titanium Alloy Tc4 Tc10 Tc11 Tc12 Round Pipe Tube

Titanium Alloy Tc4 Tc10 Tc11 Tc12 Round Pipe Tube

Gr9 Titanium tubes
Brand :WIT
Smooth and bright surface
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The strong core competitiveness of our enterprise comes from our excellent independent innovation ability, which makes our grade-5-titanium-plate, Titanium Clad Copper, Grade 2 titanium bar has higher added value than similar products. With excellent product quality, extensive application performance and excellent service, we assume the responsibility and mission of leading the development of the industry. We continue to develop new products and improve existing products with ourrigorous scientific style, superb professional technology, and lead the market. We look forward to your inquiry. The impact of the technological revolution far exceeds everyone's imagination and it is also the greatest change in the history of human society. Our company has always regarded the reform and innovation of the technical department as the top priority.

Grade 9 titanium tube

Feature of GR9

Its strength is 20~ 50 percent higher than that of pure titanium at room temperature and high temperature. Its welding property and cold-forming property are better than that of Grade 5 titanium alloy.

Grade 9 mechanical property :

Room temperature elastic modulus 118~123GPa, phase transition point :925 ℃, hardness 15~17HRC

Grade 9 is often used for titanium bike.

Gr9 titanium tube

Grade5 titanium pipe


We produce Titanium Alloy Tc4 Tc10 Tc11 Tc12 Round Pipe Tube throughout the world, and we will continue for the new old customer service in line with the practical, high quality, innovation and progress of spirit. With the business philosophy of 'Quality determines development, service makes the future', our company provides high-performance products to meet the needs of users. We adhere to the basis of excellent service, strive for survival with excellent quality, and develop with innovative technology.
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