Titanium Bicycle Bolts Motorcycle Titanium Bolts Titanium Nut Bolt

Titanium Bicycle Bolts Motorcycle Titanium Bolts Titanium Nut Bolt

Titanium Bolts
DIN 912 socket head cap bolts
Normal Standard: DIN 912 DIN933 DIN 913.etc
Material: GR2(pure titanium),Gr5 Ti6Al4V
Certificate ISO9001
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Product Details

Details determine success or failure, professional manufacturing results in excellent quality, we regard quality as life and strive to provide customers with the most excellent Titanium AMS4911, AMS 4928 titanium alloy bars, ASTM B348 Grade 2 and services. We continue to innovate in operation, management and system to maintain the vitality of the enterprise. Welcome customers at home and abroad to contact us. We have been exploring and committed to the use of high-precision and high-efficiency equipment. From the beginning of product research and development to the transformation of the product into the application, the core team has made great efforts step by step.

Name:DIN 912 titanium bolts

Material: GR2(pure titanium),Gr5 Ti6Al4V titanium alloy

Specification: M8 * 10/15/20/25/30-60

Product advantages:

Super corrosion resistance, high strength, arbitrary customization, 20 years of manufacturing experience.

Application:Mountain bike,Motor bicycle ,car,Anodic oxidation, chemical electrolysis, metallurgy, salt making, heat exchanger, industrial pipeline, etc.

Warm tips: Please choose reasonably items under the guidance of relevant technical personnel;

Titanium screws are manufactured by industry and are mostly made by hand.

Shipment cost:By air,by express.

GR5-M12-20 DIN912

Titanium fastener production:

Titanium production


We are a world class front-runner in manufacturing Titanium Bicycle Bolts Motorcycle Titanium Bolts Titanium Nut Bolt. We are responsive to our customers' needs – always going that extra mile to support them in achieving their business goals and sustainability targets. We keep up with the pace of the times, fully meeting customer needs, and achieving a win-win situation for all parties. Seeking truth and being pragmatic, and striving for perfection are our corporate spirit, learning and innovation are our corporate culture, and market guidance and sincere service are our corporate philosophy.
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