Sintered Porous Metal Tube

Sintered Porous Metal Tube

Filter precision :0.2μmm-80μm
Hole rate:30-40%
Out diameter:≥16mm
Wall thickness:≤5mm
Use temperature: ≤300C°
ISO9001 certificate
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Product Details

We supply Sintered porous metal tube


1. Uniform structure, narrow aperture distribution and high separation efficiency.

2. High porosity, low filtration resistance and high permeability.

3,High temperature resistance, generally can be used under 280 degrees.

4, Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance.

5. No particle shedding, no secondary contamination of the original liquid, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

6, Good mechanical performance, pressure filter can filter, simple operation.

7. Low pressure difference, small occupation area and large flow.

8, Strong anti-microbial ability, do not interact with microorganisms.

9, Good molding process, the overall length of welding can reach 1000 mm.

10, Can be recycled online, easy to clean, long service life (generally several times as long as the membrane filter element)

Application field

Titanium filter element with its unique performance, can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, biological engineering, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry and gas purification fields.It is a new material with extensive development prospect.


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