Tantalum Bar

Tantalum Bar

Tantalum bar
Standard :ASTM B 365
Purity:99.95% and 99.99%
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Tantalum bar

Tantalum is part of the refractory metal ,and is widely used as a secondary component in alloys.

Tantalum's chemical inert properties make it a valuable material for use in laboratory equipment and as an alternative to platinum.

Today, its main use is in tantalum capacitors in electronic devices (such as mobile phones, DVD players, video game systems and computers).

Tantalum bar are first forged or extruded into intermediate moderate sizes with a typical section yield of 70%-90%, and then the material is annealed.For further processing, forging, rolling, extrusion or drawing processes are usually used.The wire rod is processed by ordinary wire drawing machine.

Because tantalum material is very soft, it is easy to produce scratches, and the surface problem in drawing is very serious, the manufacturer should pay special attention to the surface condition and lubrication


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