Titanium Anode Mesh

Titanium Anode Mesh

Material: Gr1 titanium as substrate, mixed metal oxides coated
Dimension: Usually customized by your design, drawing or requirement
MMO Coating Types: Pt, Ru, Ir, Ta, Ru-Ir, Ru-Ir-Sn, Ir-Ta, Pt-Ir, PbO2, etc
Shape Plate Other shapes like mesh, tube, bar, wire are also available
IS0 9001 Certificate
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Electrochemical properties of ruthenium-titanium coated metal anode in chlor-alkali industrial electrolytic cell

1. The discharge overpotential of chlorine on ruthenium titanium anode was significantly lower than that on graphite anode.

2. Ruthenium titanium coating of the release of oxygen potential is also low.

3. Strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

Titanium anode for chlor-alkali industry

Compared with the graphite electrode, the working voltage of the graphite anode with 8A/DM2 coating can be multiplied to 17A/DM2 by diaphragm production of caustic soda.In this way, the products can be multiplied in the same electrolytic environment, and the product quality is high, the purity of chlorine gas is high.

For swimming pool disinfection

Titanium anode for swimming pool disinfection: the precious metal oxide coating titanium electrode produced by our company can sterilize swimming pool, and can also be used for disinfection of water tank in high-rise buildings.

For water electrolysis

The anode is not only good in performance but also reasonable in price.Titanium anode as an electrolyzer has the following advantages:

1. Good electrical conductivity.

2. Strong corrosion resistance.

3. Good mechanical strength and machining performance.

4. Long working life.

5. Good electrocatalytic performance, etc.

Titanium anode for waste water treatment


Printing and dyeing waste water treatment

Garbage exudate treatment

Treatment of fecal waste water

Treatment of oily waste water

Treatment of cyanide waste water from engineering mines

Metal is recovered from waste water by electrolysis

Hospital sewage treatment

Catering waste water treatment

titanium anode


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