Grade 5 titanium bar

Grade 5 titanium bar

Grade 5 titanium bar
ASTM B348 ASM 4928
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Grade 5 titanium bar

Chemical composition

Ti: Margin

AL: 5.5 _6. 5

V: 3.5 to 4.5

Fe: 0.30 or less

O 0.20 or less

C 0.08 or less

N 0.05 or less

H≤0.15 others: single ≤0.1 sum ≤0.4

Physical properties: tensile strength ≥895MPA, yield strength ≥825MPA, elongation after fracture > 10%

Hardness: HRC: 32-36


1. Low density, light texture

2. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

3.High specific strength, high hardness and wear resistance

Titanium Bar Gr5

Application: widely used in chemical industry, medical industry, military industry, electronic industry as parts, is currently the largest and most widely used titanium alloy

We can provide the specifications of the titanium rod:

Ø 8-200 * L

Gr5 Ti6Al4V titanium bar Stock materials can be zero cut according to customer needs

Provide authoritative third party test report

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