Gr 5 Titanium Bar For N95 Mask Machine

Gr 5 Titanium Bar For N95 Mask Machine

Gr 5 titanium rod
Small density, light weight
High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance
High specific strength, hardness,wear resistance
Best materials for mask machine
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Gr 5 Titanium bar for N95 Mask machine

Chemical composition: Ti6Al4V

Physical properties:

Tensile strength ≥895MPA

Yield strength ≥825MPA

The elongation of 8% or higher

Rockwell hardness: 32-36HRC

It can work for a long time below 550°.

Because of the good high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, is the first choice for mask machine materials.

We can provide the following specifications of Gr5 titanium rods:

Ø12, Ø 14, Ø 16, Ø18, Ø 20, Ø22, Ø 24,Ø 25, Ø 28 , Ø30, Ø 35, Ø 40

Length: between 1000 and 3000mm.

Xi 'an Sita Industrial co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, processing and sales of nonferrous materials,The company is based on the aviation and space base in Xi 'an and the technology of northwest nonferrous metal research institute. The company has rich experience in the processing of nonferrous metals, refractory metals and their alloys, and produces and processes titanium materials and products such as titanium rods, titanium plates, titanium wires, titanium tubes, titanium screws, and titanium coils. At the same time, the company also processing and sales of nickel and nickel alloy, zirconium, hafnium materials and tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and other rare refractory metal products, widely used in petroleum, chemical, salt, electricity, medical, aviation, aerospace, electroplating and other industries. The company implements the comprehensive management of product quality, from the purchase of raw materials, in and out of the warehouse to the production of the inspection of strict control, and relying on the authority of the third party product quality inspection. According to customer requirements, MA SGS and other quality certificates can be provided.

On January 22, 2014, the company passed the ISO 9001-2008 certification. Our Excellent quality, excellent service to win the praise and favor of users all over the world. Production and sales grow year after year. The company has obtained the foreign trade qualification in 2009, the company's products are exported to the United States, the Europe, Japan and southeast Asia and other countries. Our business philosophy is "Quality for survival, Innovation for development", based on the domestic, international development.

Warmly welcome all customers friends to consult and negotiate.

GR5 Tibar for N95 Mask machine

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