Grade 5 Titanium Round Rod

Grade 5 titanium round rod
Standard: AMS4928 ASTM B348, ASTM F136
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Grade 5 titanium round rod

Diameter : 2.0 ~ 300


AMS 4928 ASTM B348, ASTM F136

Delivery state:

Hot working state (R)

cold working state (Y)

Annealing state (M)

Solid solution state (ST )

Surface treatment: Polished or rolled

Surface quality: high precision, good finish, no oxidation, pitting, no cracks, folding, rolling, scarring, separation, hairline and other defects.

Surface finish: clean, dust-free, better acid resistance service life.

Physical properties: Better elongation and strength properties.

Test: physical performance test, hardness test, chemical composition test.


  1. Low density;

  2. Higher than strength;

  3. Acid, alkali, salt and seawater corrosion resistance;

  4. Excellent mechanical properties.


Used in petroleum industry, electric power industry, seawater desalination industry, salt and alkali making industry, coking industry, hydrometallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry.

Grade 5 titanium round rod are mainly used for structural bearings, high temperature titanium alloys and structural titanium alloys for the body, corrosion resistant titanium alloys and high strength titanium alloys have been further developed.

Grade 5 titanium round rod is mainly used in the production of aircraft engine compressor parts, followed by rocket, missile and high-speed aircraft structural parts titanium alloy has been widely used in various fields because of its high strength, good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance characteristics.

Grade 5 titanium round rod used in a variety of corrosive media.Pure titanium is 100 times more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel.Industrial pure titanium and Ti6A14V alloy are widely used in the production of terephthalic acid, urea, acetaldehyde, acetone, chlorine and acetic acid and other chemical products equipment;It is also indispensable in petroleum refining, fiber coloring, pulp manufacturing and metal plating equipment.These alloys have been widely used in offshore oil fields, seawater desalination and Marine biological artificial cultivation.

Ti6Al4V Grade Titanium rods

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