Titanium Alloy Rod

Titanium Alloy Rod

Titanium alloy rod
Square rod, flat rod, round rod, hexagonal rod
Standard: AMS4928, ASTM-B348,ASTM-B381
Material: GR1 /Gr2/Gr5/Gr7/Gr9
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Product name:Titanium alloy rod

(square rod, flat rod, round rod, hexagonal rod)

Standard: AMS4928, ASTM-B348,ASTM-B381

Material: GR1 /Gr2/Gr5/Gr7/Gr9

Size :Forging bar: Φ 8-300 - mm,Rolling bar: Φ 6-120

Length: 6000 mm or less

Production process: forging, forging, extrusion, rolling, drawing

Status: Hot rolling status (R), cold rolling status (Y), return status (M), quenching status (C)

Testing: ultrasonic testing, penetration color testing, physical and chemical performance testing

Application: application of titanium in Marine industry: in seawater, titanium has corrosion resistance incomparable to other metal materials, especially to the high-speed erosion corrosion of seawater.

At present, some countries have developed a variety of advanced titanium deep submersible, submarine, submarine laboratory equipment for Marine research.

In addition, the coastal power stations, offshore oil production equipment, seawater desalination, Marine chemical production, mariculture industry and other widely used titanium equipment and equipment

titanium alloy bar


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