Titanium ASTM F136

Titanium ASTM F136

Standard :ASTM F136;ASTM.ISO5832-2;ISO5832-3
Grade:GR23,Ti6AL4V ELI
Tolerance: H7 - H9;h7and h9
State: M (annealing)
Surface: Forging - rolling surface - polishing surface - polished surface
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We supply Titanium ASTM F136 bar,the production of various specifications and grades of titanium rods for medical (surgical implantation).

Standard :ASTM F136;ASTM.ISO5832-2;ISO5832-3.

Grade:GR23,Ti6AL4V ELI

Tolerance: H7 - H9;h7andh9.

State: M (annealing)

Surface: Forging - rolling surface - polishing surface - polished surface.


The tensile strength of medical Titanium ASTMF136 Bar can reach more than 860Mpa, The tolerance can reach h7 level, and the micro-structure is within A4.

1. Diameter range: 2.0-50mm

2. Length range: ≤3500mm

3. Straightness: ≤ 3/1000

4. Our Titanium ASTM F136 bar medical titanium alloy bar is adopt with high-quality titanium sponge and aluminum-vanadium alloy, which is processed by smelting, forging, rolling, annealing, polishing.

5. Quality control: strict control of 3 levels:

1)Materials - choose high-quality raw materials (titanium sponge and aluminum vanadium alloy) preparation

2)Processing technology, strict accordance with the production process step by step processing

3)Inspection : Each batch of products shall be tested in strict accordance with the standard for composition, performance,micro-structure and ultrasonic inspection to ensure product quality.

Main production equipment:

3-ton double-chamber vacuum consumable arc furnace

3500 ton electrode press

3500 ton forging oil press

2000 ton forging oil press

750 kg air hammer, resistance furnace, saw lathe, high precision grinder, etc.

WIT medical titanium rod, a trusted titanium rod.

ASTM F136 titanium bar


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