Titanium Clad Copper

Titanium Clad Copper

Executive standard: GB/ T 12769
Base material: Red copper (T2), Oxygen free copper (TU2), etc
Shape:Round/Drum shape/Square shape/Flat shape
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We supply Titanium clad copper


Titanium clad copper rod is the main component of metal anode, which integrates the excellent conductivity of copper and the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium.

2. Specification

According to customer requirements to produce different specifications of round bar, drum type bar ,square bar, flat bar and other Titanium clad copper rod.

Executive standard: GB/ T 12769

Base material: Red copper (T2), Oxygen free copper (TU2), etc

Shape and specification of end face (mm)

Round: φ(8 ~ 80)

Drum shape:φ(25, 27, 29, 32, 34) ×14

Square: Side length (20 ~ 40) - rounded corner transition R (3 ~ 8)

Flat shape: long (30 ~ 100) × wide (10 ~ 30) - rounded corner R (3 ~ 5)


Titanium clad copper is mainly used as a conductor carrying large current under strong corrosion conditions by taking advantage of the excellent corrosion resistance of the cladding metal -- titanium and the good electrical conductivity of the core metal -- copper.

The protection of the cladding metal on the copper metal prevents the corrosion of the copper conductor, ensures the uniform consistency of the current density, improves the quality level of electrolytic products, eliminates the clean maintenance of the conductor, and eliminates the pollution of electrolyte caused by the corrosion of the copper conductor.

In some electroplating processes, the current density and efficiency can be improved by immersing Titanium clad copper into the electrolyte.



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