Grade 2 Titanium Foil

Grade 2 Titanium Foil

Grade:Gr1, Gr2, Gr5
Has high strength, good corrosion resistance
Excellent quality, low price and excellent corrosion resistance
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Grade 2 Titanium foil

Has high strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent quality, low price and excellent corrosion resistance.

Titanium foil is widely used as a treble film for loudspeakers and speakers. Titanium foil is used for high fidelity and clear and bright sound.Used for tape recorders, video recorders, password magnetic card machines and other magnetic head.The vibration film of loudspeaker made of pure titanium foil reduces the creep variable of loudspeaker, and the response characteristics of the vibration film under magnetic bass and high collapse under normal conditions are greatly improved.The most recent state of force attraction, therefore, if the creep variable is large, affecting the frequency response.When the titanium foil is rolled, the vibration film of pure titanium foil loudspeaker and the appropriate heat treatment can reduce the creep variable.

Titanium vibration film has diamond-like vibration film, the performance of titanium on loudspeaker is closely related to its surface treatment.

Titanium foil materials are also involved in the following fields:

Precision accessories ,

sound film

vacuum plating

pure and titanium alloy foil with glossy surface

Curve surface and treatment titanium foil

Grade 2 Titanium foil

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