Grade 5 Titanium Sheets

Grade 5 Titanium Sheets also called Ti6Al4V Titanium plate
Standard: ASTM B265, AMS 4911
Tensile strength ≥895MPA
Yield strength ≥825MPA
Elongation ≥ 10%
Rockwell hardness: 31-36HRC
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Grade 5 Titanium sheets is also called TI6AL4V Titanium plate

Grade 5 Titanium sheets chemical composition:




Fe:≤ 0.25%

O≤ 0.20%

C≤ 0.03%

H≤ 0.01%


Physical properties of Grade 5 Titanium sheets:

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength ≥895MPA,

Yield strength ≥825MPA

Elongation ≥ 10%

Rockwell hardness: 31-36HRC

Structure: Two - phase processing structure

Grade 5 Titanium sheets features:

1. Small density, light texture, density 4.51kg/cubic decimeter, only 60% of the stainless steel.

2. Resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, several times that of stainless steel

3. High specific strength, approximately 2-3 times more than stainless steel

4.High hardness and wear resistance

Grade 5 Titanium sheets application:

It is widely used in chemical industry, medical treatment, electric power, electronics, military industry, aviation, ship, automobile and other fields as precision parts

Confirmation: High viscosity, difficult to process

We can provide the specification of Grade 5 titanium sheets:

Thickness: 0.5-70 mm

The width of 1500 mm or less

The length of 3000 mm or less

It can be cut separately according to customers' needs

Ti6Al4V GR5 plate

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