Titanium Foil Price

Titanium Foil Price

Titanium foil
Grade. :Gr1,Gr2,Gr5, etc
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Titanium foil price is most favourable we can provide.

Product name: Titanium foil


Grade. :Gr1,Gr2,Gr5, etc

Purity: 99.5% or above

Density: 4.51 g/cm 3 or higher

Titanium materials are often used in different industries because of the following 9 properties.

1) Low density, higher than intensity

2) Corrosion resistance

3) Good heat resistance

4) Good low temperature resistance

5) Strong anti-damping performance

6) Non-magnetic, non-toxic

7) The tensile strength is close to its yield strength

8) Good heat exchange performance

9) Low modulus of elasticity

10) Suction performance

Titanium foil Uses:

Widely used in aircraft, rockets, missiles, artificial satellites, spacecraft, naval ships, military, medical and petrochemical fields

0.3*300mm*L Titanium foil Price

GR2 Titanium foil

Titanium foil Price 

Grade 2 Titanium foil


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